How to Sleep, for Busy Mamas

Having a hard time sleeping? You’re not alone! The good news is, science is on your side! Here are some research-based tips to a better night’s sleep.

  1. Minimize screen time at bed time. Upon entering your retina, the blue light from electronic screens will suppress the release of the hormone melatonin and stimulate the release of cortisol, making it difficult to fall asleep. Also, entering into the distorted nightmare-world of internet trolls and local news article comments living in your Facebook feed carries the risk of despair, existential dread, and insomnia, which can be a real bummer for your sleep hygiene. But maybe try this screen filtering app I read about?
  2. Keep your room dark. Even the tiniest bit of artificial light can disrupt your sleep, reminding you that beyond the flimsy walls of your house, evil gathers in the darkness. Try not to think about it, girl – it will do nothing good for your sleep debt.
  3. Start unwinding an hour before bedtime. Set an alarm and create a soothing evening ritual to prepare for sleep. Some people take a bath, meditate, read fiction, or spend quiet time with loved ones. Anything soothing you can think of to distract yourself from the knowledge that there are forums full of men who believe you should be subjugated and silenced forever and are plotting ways to take away your IUD. They probably won’t be able to that, so try not to worry about it and enjoy your bath. You’re most likely going to be just fine and I’m betting won’t be forced to have five more children against your will!
  4. If you read, read a real book – try some fiction! – instead of an eBook. Whatcha readin’ there? What is that, Ayn Rand? Honey, I wouldn’t.
  5. Engage in spiritual rituals and prayer. Studies show that among the religious, prayer can provide protective health benefits and has a calming effect. Also, since only divine Providence can help us now, this may just be your best bet for a good night’s sleep, mama!

Hope these tips help! Sweet dreams, sweetheart!