Game plan

OK, we’re coming up on the day here very shortly – I’m scheduled for next Tuesday! I think I ought to do a bit of planning. I promise not to throw any Excel documents at you, even if I use them for myself. (Ooooh, I’m going to make so many charts at the end of this! Maybe I’ll even find a way to work a pie chart in there. I love charts and graphs.)

Image credit: Chris Gladis

I do actually want to make these relatively well-structured and tracked experiments. I am going to hold back on fully nerding out on y’all (my success at this will undoubtedly be debatable), but my plan is to tackle a series of behavioral changes. I will begin with a specific subtopic in the realm of weight loss/fitness, review the available research, and then set up a targeted experiment in which I am the only subject.

I would like to start out with a full set of measurements – probably weight, body measurements, body fat percentage (more on that later), and maybe resting heart rate. After each experiment, in which I’ll track one (maaaybe two) change(s) in behavior for a predetermined duration, I’ll take the measurements again and see what changes result.

I’m not going to be dieting or exercising in the first week or two after having the baby, I can guarantee you that. I’ll probably post some pics and any posts I feel motivated enough to write. Once I’m back on my feet, I will track a control week and my starting measurements. Then I’ll move to dietary strategy, running a couple of experiments on that. Hopefully by the end of those, I’ll be able to begin ramping up an exercise regimen from a daily walk and weekly yoga class to something a little more substantial.

I’m pretty excited about this. The whole thing – setting behavioral goals, tracking and measuring – it’s kind of similar to what I did after I had Harley, but I didn’t put it out there at all. I think it will be fun and engaging to hear from my friends and family while I’m doing it. More fun than just logging my food every day in a total vacuum, anyway.

I probably won’t post another full-on, serious post until I’m a couple of weeks out from having the baby. Until then, I’ll see you on Facebook with a million newborn pictures!


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